[tig] Standard def finishing in data style

Greg D. gd.tk
Fri May 14 00:43:34 BST 2004

Festa calls it "bit bashing" but many clients may simply call it saving
money (perhaps lots of $).  Obviously there is not as much latitude from
DBCAM as from the CC system lashed directly to the telecine with the orig.
neg on it.  However, apparently there are clients looking for and accepting
this work-flow method primarily for $ reasons.  This work-flow may bother
the "purists" among us (myself included).  BUT there are SO many ways to
work these days with probably the widest continuum of quality options ever
available for working in visual media-land.  I rarely utilized working from
DBCAM flat transfers, for my clients seemed to always want to reposition
each and every shot, which is perhaps more limiting than any color issues
with this work-flow.  The main thing that bothered me about the article was
more blatant Quantel selling.  Obviously sales is always important and the
author of that Shoot article did lots of selling for himself, his shop &
Quantel) but he (Jerry Steele), imho, could have been more general and not
targeted any specific competitor's gear.  Also, editors and compositing
folks can learn a lot from us colorists as we have from them and their
specialties.  I think the best looking stuff is still the result of

Happy coloring from dv to 4K and beyond on whatever system and work-flow you
and your clients are fond of!!

Greg Dildine
Boston, MA

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