[tig] Re: Standard def finishing in data style

Steve Shaw digital.praxis
Fri May 14 11:11:00 BST 2004

I know Jerry well and have discussed this approach with him a number of times. The real idea, and main benefit, is that the colour grading is done 'in-context' enabling accurate grading to be performed scene to scene.

What isn't mentioned is that a lot of the SD work Jerry does is telecined HD low contrast, or better still, log, enabling a much higher quality SD deliverable. People often overlook the fact that any vtr can record log image 'data', even though it is recording a video stream. And resolution wise, HD to SD down conversion improves quality, especially as all vfx compositing is done HD.

I'm finding more and more post-production operations are removing grading from the telecine process and applying it at the back end of editing, where it is a much more integraded process. I know of a number of operations that are looking to purchase film scanners in place of traditional telecines for this reason. As Bob says, a DI approach to commercials and promos.

This is one reason why I like Thomson's Viper digital cinematography camera so much. In Filmstream mode it captures a log, low contrast, high dynamic range image, ideal for grading within the post-production environment. I've just finished grading a promo at Marina Studios, Genoa, Italy, on iQ with Qcolour that was shot Viper Filmstream, edited, had vfx applied and was then graded as a final process. Even the vfx layers were able to be graded seperately, but with the context of the vfx composite.

This is a very powerful approach to traditional post-production and I think you will see more and more people adopting this technique.



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