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James DeLuca james_deluca
Fri May 14 20:27:40 BST 2004

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From: Michael Most
> Yes, and quite a bit was doen with composite D2.
... D2 was a delivery element, and it was one of the few things it was actually good for.

D2 (8bit composite) & DCT (8bit component) are the only broadcast quality tape formats capable of delivering a 3hr feature on one cassette. DV & DVCAM (& DVCpro?) using the largest cassettes can do the same, but only @ 4:1:1.

HD-D5 1080P/23.976sf (for you audio guys) can do about 155 min. (vs. 124 min. for most other formats.
That HDD5 tape can be aired in 1080i/59.94 using the built-in format conversion.

I guess 2 tape delivery is acceptable when you air from a server anyway.
Jim DeLuca
Crest National

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