[tig] Standard def finishing in data style

Tom Rovak tomrovak
Fri May 14 05:18:04 BST 2004

Although I am 100% for working in a different style. I think the big point
Jerry Steele is trying to make is that he thinks Colorist's will be replaced
by VFX artists. How many times have you seen a spot that you colored with
that 1 scene that horribly stands out? That one scene that was colored by a
non-Colorist, and added later. Just because you buy a box that has color
tools on it does not make you are a Colorist. The same can be said of anyone
who buys Final Cut Pro, that does not make them an Editor.
My good friends and colleagues what Jerry forgets is that in the end it's
not whether or not I call myself a Colorist, but it's about how many clients
are willing to call me a Colorist, and how much trust they have in my
ability to color.

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