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Sam Holtz SHOLTZ
Sat May 15 04:06:53 BST 2004

Jerry You have forgotten that at Action Video, when you worked there,
Different kinds of  composites, Ultimate or dirty keys and sometimes, just
wiped in partial pictures, with the help of a calibrated still store, and
Latter on with Digital Sores , digitally superimpose one field of each to
see in the scope, for relative levels and size and position.. As you can see
there is nothing new except that you recently are doing what you forgot you
learned before, that why YOU think it is new.

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> thanks to Gary Szabo for supporting the TIG.
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> By the way Jerry, I have always pulled chroma keys and tested all FX
> to preview for my clients how they will look composited and how they will
> cut with other scenes in context. But I hesitate to call myself a
> compositer. Maybe Jerry better be a little more aware of the number of
> Colorists who would not be afraid to composite a few scenes with these new
> tools like iQ, or daVinci Nucleas etc...
> Tom Rovak
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