[tig] Standard def finishing in data style

Sam Holtz SHOLTZ
Sat May 15 04:47:28 BST 2004

There may sometimes be an effects operator, that is also an artist, and has
good eye for color, and with the expensive Video processing box may do a
good Job.
But I assure you this is the exception. That why the wise people of Film and
Video Industries, does the audio separate from the editing of the images,
and by a different person. Occasionally a Good Image Editor, is also a
musician, with good ear and good taste, , but even then he does NOT do the
Audio and the images at the same time.
In my opinion, the two disciplines require attention that cannot be given by
the same person at the same time. I do not pretend to prove my credentials
in this forum, but most of you know that I have worked on color corrector,
design, operation (Holtz color corrector {Editel LA and Chicago, in use for
over 4 1/2 years} and Dubner {I specified most of the parameters, designed
Control panel, and review all software subroutines})  and training of top
colorist exceptional colorist like Bob Festa, Rob Lingenbach, Jim Wise, Don
Lee and many others. All this people are NOT substitutable by an effects
editor, even a talented one with knowledge of colorimetry and artistic good
taste. (a colorist needs technical knowledge in colorimetry a good eye, an
artistic know how, good artistic taste and Political ability to covey his
talent with out resentment of DP's and Producers, not easy task) and Because
if he does that at the same time one of the two disciplines will be remise.
If he does it one after the other, the saving are not real. I apologize in
advance for the lack of humility, but I need to make the point. I do not
mean to Declare myself a know it all.

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> thanks to Gary Szabo for supporting the TIG.
> Although I am 100% for working in a different style. I think the big point
> Jerry Steele is trying to make is that he thinks Colorist's will be
> by VFX artists. How many times have you seen a spot that you colored with
> that 1 scene that horribly stands out? That one scene that was colored by
> non-Colorist, and added later. Just because you buy a box that has color
> tools on it does not make you are a Colorist. The same can be said of
> who buys Final Cut Pro, that does not make them an Editor.
> My good friends and colleagues what Jerry forgets is that in the end it's
> not whether or not I call myself a Colorist, but it's about how many
> are willing to call me a Colorist, and how much trust they have in my
> ability to color.
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