[tig] 4K demo of film and Digital Cinema in Hollywood

Bill Hogan billhogan1
Mon May 17 19:13:51 BST 2004

I have just received an invite from Walt Ordway, Chief Technology Office, of
the the DCI group.  The DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) is the combination of
the 7 Motion Picture Studios and their effort to test and suggest standards for
Digital Cinema.  They are making great progress and we will see the results
before the end of the year.

They are inviting everyone to view a side by side test of the recent footage
shot and known as the film StEM display reel.  The film answer print will be
displayed on one side of the screen.  On the other side will be two 2k
projectors setup in a side by side mode to simulate 4K.

The demo will take place this Tuesday and Wednesday. Everyone is welcome. No
RSVP is needed. And please free to forward or re-post this to anyone.

More technical details will be available at the demo.

Demo times and location are below.

Regards, Bill Hogan

The demos will take place every hour as follows:
Tuesday, May 18
Wednesday, May 19
All demonstrations will take place at the Digital Cinema Lab located at 6433
Hollywood Boulevard between Wilcox and Cahuenga and all are welcome.

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