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The standard here is mostly 30 seconds
There are usually reductions for those done at 15"
Then there's a number of other lenghts, one that is quite common is the 20" 
with its 10" reduction
7" breaks are becoming more common as are the 5" intermissions especially 
during sport events and so.

There is a certain tolerance and a recent change in some networks rules 
caused some spots to be truncated. It's common to have 4 to 8 extra frames 
at the end of most...

At 22.56 19/05/2004, Nichols Craig wrote:
>thanks to Gary Szabo for supporting the TIG.
>I do remember seeing 15 second spots in France about 8 years ago.  Also, 
>instead of fading to black, they faded to blue. But, that was perhaps a 
>trend at the time. When I was in Germany in December, I thought the spots 
>were usually 30 seconds.
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>A client called the other day and asked what the standard length of spots 
>in Europe was.  Without thinking I said :30.
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