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Skip Elsheimer skipe
Sun May 23 23:17:48 BST 2004

I also have an FDL-60 as well and I'd love to know who else on this list has
one (or has experience one).

Skip Elsheimer

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thanks to LaserPacific for supporting the TIG.

Hi all,
I know these are very basic newbie questions, but I need some help with
this. I recently aquired and FDL-60 for my low-cost telecine house. I do
mainly S8 and low budget 16mm scans to DV, DVCam and BetaSP. Today the
video signals come from the composite outputs of the FDL-60 directly into a
DVCam or BetaSP deck, but I want to use component or RGB signals to
maintain more information in the final video output. I have a box that
converts component to firewire and the BetaSP deck takes component directly.

I seek some advice from people/engineers familiare with the FDL-60 and its
outputs who can give me some advice on how to hook things up the best way.

1. What exactly are the RGB outputs of the FDL-60 and what do I need to use
them? As I said, I'm looking for the best outputs that can be used with the
rest of my setup.

2. The FDL-60 outputs in 4.1.1 - right?

3. What is the best ways to convert to 4.2.0 (DV PAL) - is it just to hook
it up - or should I have some sort of box inbetween? Please keep in mind I
need low cost sollutions here.

4. Are there other outputs than what's on the "Output" panel on the FDL-60?
I have been looking at it but everything seems to be connected to the
different processors/colour correctors. Which sync signal should I use for
the BetaSP deck for instance?

5. Does anyone have a manual for the Ampex CVR-70 or Sony BVW-70 BetaSP

As you understand I'm not an engineer, still I usually find my way around
in the tech world.

I appreciate all the help you can give me.

Best regards,

Norsk Smalfilm
Andreas Wider?e Andersen <andreas at smalfilm.no>

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