[tig] Color balance LCD monitors

Robb Cadzow rcadzow
Mon May 24 18:09:47 BST 2004

I'd also be curious to here what others think of new LCD displays
especially black level issues. Most all seem to have very "milky"
blacks. Love to hear if there are ones with acceptable levels of how
people are dealing with this now that Sony has more or less ended
manufacturing of CRT based monitors. 

On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 07:52, Reinowski, Dave wrote:
> thanks to LaserPacific for supporting the TIG.
> --
> I currently use a x-rite DP-92 for color balancing computer monitors.  The
> manufacture tells me this model is not compatible with LCD monitors.  So I
> am looking to upgrade.
> Looks like I have a couple of choices MonacoOPTIXXR  or a GretagMacbeth.
> Does anyone have any comments or suggestions regarding instruments for
> balancing LCD monitors in a mixed Wintel/Mac world.
> Thanks
> Dave Reinowski
> www.gtninc.com
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