[tig] Color balance LCD monitors

Richardson, Ian ian.richardson
Tue May 25 00:58:47 BST 2004

I sort of like the Viewsonic VP2290b 22" 16 x 10  3840 x 2400 pixel native
[QUXGA-W] myself........But its a big mother... Runs UXGA-W [1920 x 1200] beautifully
  @ 50 - 85 HZ. or the Mac 1920 x 1200 cinema display

Ian Richardson
AAV Digital Pictures
Disclaimer......nothing to do with Viewsonic or Mac

Robb Cadzow wrote:

> thanks to LaserPacific for supporting the TIG.
> --
> I'd also be curious to here what others think of new LCD displays
> especially black level issues. Most all seem to have very "milky"
> blacks. Love to hear if there are ones with acceptable levels of how
> people are dealing with this now that Sony has more or less ended
> manufacturing of CRT based monitors. 
> On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 07:52, Reinowski, Dave wrote:
>>thanks to LaserPacific for supporting the TIG.
>>I currently use a x-rite DP-92 for color balancing computer monitors.  The
>>manufacture tells me this model is not compatible with LCD monitors.  So I
>>am looking to upgrade.
>>Looks like I have a couple of choices MonacoOPTIXXR  or a GretagMacbeth.
>>Does anyone have any comments or suggestions regarding instruments for
>>balancing LCD monitors in a mixed Wintel/Mac world.
>>Dave Reinowski
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