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Tue May 25 21:16:59 BST 2004

Glenn Gundlach wrote:

For YEARS colorists would complain (rightly) about the
color balance and levels of their monitors. MUST have
the SMPTE phosphors. NEED Steadi-Gate and its cousins
in Meta-Speed, EPR etc. 

NOW you're asking about LCD monitors that literally
change color if you look at them from a different
angle. Gate weave is now a NEAT thing to put into the

What is next? Gee, those scratches are really cool?

Glenn Gundlach

I agree!

During my career at Kodak, I worked on tools to help reduce the color 
variabililty (LAD, TAF), keep film spotlessly clean (PTRs) and make film 
more scratch resistant.  I helped write the ISO standard that tightened 
perforating tolerances by a factor of two to improve steadiness.  And 
now...my life's work is for naught!   ;-)

But don't worry, at least Kodak continues to try to improve image quality, 
with new tools like the Kodak Display Manager System to aid in monitor 


What's Next?

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