[tig] 2" Videotape Needed In Vancouver

Izhak Hinitz izhak
Tue May 25 23:25:05 BST 2004

Hi Lorne, I have some b/w 3650 1/2" but no machine to play it from ...lol
If you find a good machine, let me know as some of our clients will ( IM
SURE) want
to up res... 
But really if anyone knows of a good working machine, I might need it to
pull some dubs of
old shows.

Eyes Post Group

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thanks to Aaton for supporting the TIG.

Hi All,

I am doing a seminar in a couple of weeks and want to show some 
examples of old videotape formats.  I have assembled the cream of the 
crop of old stuff except a reel of 2".  Does anyone, in the Vancouver 
area have a roll and case they would like to part with?  A 30 minute 
reel would be great but I'll take anything.

You can contact me off list.



Lorne Miess
Northwest Imaging
Vancouver, Canada

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