[tig] post request -Digital Dailies - looking for single frame reference scans.

adrian hauser ahauser
Wed May 26 00:06:00 BST 2004

Hi tig,

I am hoping you can help me here in finding some 'public' reference 
material that would
be of use to us all here on the TIG.

My goal is to find a colorist peer who can lead me to or supply me with 
the following material.
Fingers crossed....

the following frames of 2k or 4k data selections should obviously be of 
the same footage:
	# raw 35mm scanned DPX or similar data
	# the resultant 20 20 20 one light lab print ( IE an electronically 
scanned version of the print.)
	# A linear telecine scan of the same material (base light) TAF setup 
in SD or HD
	# A log 2k telecine scan of the same material

It should be obvious I am looking for this material to set up a better 
one light Digital Dailies system.
Perhaps we could all start a project on the TIG, hoping to get our DOP 
peers satisfied with using these digital review systems.

Many kind regards

Adrian Hauser
Melbourne Australia

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