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Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed May 26 05:01:06 BST 2004

On 2004-05-25 at 22:12, Kelly Armstrong (kelly at avenue-edit.com) wrote:

>  I was wondering if anyone else deals with this issue.  I 
> have pondered the idea of having a "consumer monitor" in 
> my room, but realize I am opening an endless can of worms. 

yes constantly Kelly.  Another thing to offer the clients is free
screenings at your facility for the creatives or anyone else involved.

> I do try to convice clients to be conservative in certain 
> issues and take liberty in others as I know how an image 
> will end up looking as a general rule on tv.  

General Ruhl can be ruthless.

> The end result, the same.  Trust YOUR monitor as 
> "GOD".)

and your engineers who do the setup work with analysis and probes as

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