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Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Wed May 26 09:36:15 BST 2004

We get this problem constantly.

One solution we have found is to put a few seconds of grey scale (with colour burst if VHS) on the front of tapes. If it plays back with a sky-blue-pink cast on the client's monitor then it proves it's not our fault.

The main problem is, if you walk into Dixon's (a UK retailer of TVs) or the equivalent US outlet, all the TVs are different.

Ho hum!

Jeff Booth
Soho Images

ps anyone seen or used the new Pioneer PRV-LX1 DVD recorder?

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thanks to Aaton for supporting the TIG.

Which brings me to a question we constantly battle with. 
 Clients frequently complain how things never look the 
same at their office, at home, etc.  I guess mostly at 
their office, where CD's are giving the final okay for 

We always offer to have one of our engineers go and set up 
their monitors.  Obviously we have no control over who 
cranks what  knob on what monitor at a given agency. 
 Having said that,

  I was wondering if anyone else deals with this issue.  I 
have pondered the idea of having a "consumer monitor" in 
my room, but realize I am opening an endless can of worms. 
  As a Colorist, I have to convice the clients that the 
images they see, albeit on an extremely expensive monitor 
which will in no way come close to what they are seeing at 
home, is what they must sign off on as it is the true 
color they are setting.

I do try to convice clients to be conservative in certain 
issues and take liberty in others as I know how an image 
will end up looking as a general rule on tv.  (I am 
talking commerical work here -- although I did ask a demo 
artist at the Discreet NAB booth how he dealt with 
inconsistencies in projection screen color imaging on DI 
work.  The end result, the same.  Trust YOUR monitor as 

Any similar situations out there?  

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