[tig] what in the world (Pioneer PRV-LX1 DVD recorder)

jp jp
Wed May 26 11:17:34 BST 2004

2004-05-26 10:36 ?Jeff Booth? <jeff.booth at sohoimages.com>

> ps anyone seen or used the new Pioneer PRV-LX1 DVD recorder?

do you mean you are about to deliver not a BetaSP but a DVD
to your clients?

If such is the case, would you try to insert the 3Line Vitc
at the top of the pic area, e.g. 25, 26, 27 in Pal,
and at a medium level (350) so it shows as an unobtrusive grey line,
and test if the data resists to this new DVD recorder

I know that Indaw can read the 3LineVitc in this 'within the image'
position on DV-Cam cassettes (it quite well resists to the DV
image compression).
The advantage would be that you would still be able to postsync
the sounds out of this 'DVD Vitc' with the same precision you get
using the normal 3Line VITC out of a DigiBeta!


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