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> The end result, the same.  Trust YOUR monitor as 
> "GOD".)

and your engineers who do the setup work with analysis and probes as

Related words:

 abstruse, airtight, arcane, ballproof, bombproof, bulletproof, burglarproof, cabalistic, censored, classified, cloistered, close, closed, compact, concealed, corrosionproof, cryptic, dampproof, dark, deep, dustproof, dusttight, enigmatic, esoteric, fast, fireproof, fire-resisting, firm, flameproof, foolproof, gasproof, gastight, heavy, hermetical, hermetically sealed, hidden, holeproof, hush-hush, impervious, impervious to, latent, leakproof, lightproof, lighttight, mysterious, noiseproof, occult, oilproof, oiltight, profound, proof, proof against, punctureproof, rainproof, raintight, recluse, resistant, restricted, rustproof, sealed, secluse, seclusive, secret, sequestered, shatterproof, shellproof, shut fast, smokeproof, smoketight, smothered, snug, soundproof, staunch, stifled, stormproof, stormtight, suppressed, tight, top secret, ulterior, unbreatheable, under security, under wraps, undisclosable, undisclosed, undivulgable, undivulged, unrevealable, unrevealed, unspoken, untellable, untold, unutterable, unuttered, unwhisperable, waterproof, water-repellant, watertight, weatherproof, windproof, windtight 

(The Earthlink spell check didn't recognize 40 of those words.)

David Tosh
"If I am a former telecine engineer, am I now leaky?"

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