[tig] tig move update

Rob Lingelbach rob
Sat Nov 6 15:11:44 GMT 2004

The tig is in the process of moving to a different space at the
university where it is housed.  In the meantime it has been down, with
a requeston the the tig page for contributions.  about $120 has come
in since 2 weeks ago and I thank the individuals who have helped and
will have specific thanks up on the webpage as soon as we're back up.

the bad news is this amount is signficantly less than what is needed.
We have 1200 subscribers and perhaps 40 mmanufacturers, many of whom
have promised contributions who haven't made them (no particular blame
here except we need the money soon!!)  The amount is not all that

for those who have suggested moves to different machines the work
involved for me after 11 years of evolution would be about one full
month, which I don't have.   The mail exchanger, the mailinglist, the
archives (huge, covering all 11 years), the webpages, and the TWiki
interface with all its functions would have to be moved, with root
access.  Could be done but this one month is what I don't have. 

If you value the TIG and haven't made a contribution in the last year
(both manufacturers and users) there is an ongoing in interface at
if check info is needed for remittance in that form please send me a
personal email.  thank you!

Rob Lingelbach  
tig founder, coadmin
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