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Erik Utter eriku
Sat Nov 13 03:34:55 GMT 2004

During the Olympics and Olympic trials, I was working for NBC setting up and
watching over edit suites.  NBC was doing most of the effected montage stuff
with the editor cutting it on an Avid Adrenaline.  They did use some third
party plug-ins too.  I was impressed with what an editor could pull off in
the back of a trailer on an uncalibrated monitor with an Avid.


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the TIG is in need of your help for a major machine move, contributions
gladly accepted.
It's been awhile but I wasn't sure the TIG was up and going...  I've been
meaning to post these questions:

The opening piece for the baseball world series on Fox had a lot of color
enhancement and stylizations.
Does anyone know who did it?  (I thought it looked pretty nice.) Did a
colorist do the work on an assembled piece?  What gear was used?  There
seems to be a lot more color/look tweaking going on on sports promos and
montages these days, and even on bumpers using recent replay ftg.  Who's
doing this work and what kind of gear is being used?  I'm thinking they are
often "canned" effects being applied but by what gear and by whom?
Just curious.

Greg Dildine

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