[tig] Sad News

Rich Torpey rich
Mon Nov 15 16:33:30 GMT 2004

Many of you know Tim Timpanaro (it took a brave person to call him by his
given name - Sylvester :-) from his days at EUE Screen Gems where he did
opticals for many films, TV shows and commercials. After managing several
NYC post facilities (TVC, VSC Post) Tim came to Rhinoceros as VP Sales &
Operations after leaving Manhattan Transfer. He recently retired from
Rhinoceros and has spent the last year enjoying his children and
Saturday afternoon Tim passed away.
Tim touched many people in this city and taught many of us the business and
more. I count myself fortunate to have worked with him at several facilities
in NYC where he taught me as much about working with people as he taught me
about the film and post business.
He will be missed. 

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