[tig] server notes etc.

Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Nov 17 20:27:39 GMT 2004

the server move is in preparation and this note is to thank all the
people who responded to my request for donations in early Octobor.  
Hopefully I'll cover them all here, please let me know if you're not 
on the list ..

Cintel   (Adam Welsh)
Howard Thayer
Reisestelle ARRI-TV
Cine Lab
Dom Rom
David Bernstein
Grace McKay
Stuart Debenham
Roy Trosh
Skip Elsheimer
Eric Maurer
CB Gaines
Trent Johnson
Darren Lew
Jim Yazbeck
Gladstone Films
Don Trepczyk
Jurgen Kupka and Egli Film & Video AG
Tom Tomlinson
Marc Wielage
Pascal Nowak
Bob Johanson
Christos Gartaganis
Victory Studios (Alan Denke)
Kirill Pertsev

Rob Lingelbach  
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