[tig] Telecine suite design

Andreas Wider√łe Andersen andreas
Thu Nov 18 19:39:30 GMT 2004

I just wanted to say thanks to all who responded to my message about 
telecine suite design.

I have now signed up for a new premisis and will move in around January 
1st. The interior design/decoration will been inspired by your photos 
aswell as other suites I've had the opportunity to visit. I will post some 
pictures on my website when everything is up and running and let you know 
about it.

Thanks and have a great day!

Best regards,
Andreas Wideroe Andersen
Norsk Smalfilm

Kristiansand, Norway


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>thanks to Sol Designfx, division of Cutters Inc.,
>for supporting the TIG.
>I'm going to build a suite here and I need some inspiration and practical
>tips. Last year I was in London visiting a few Telecine houses, but didn't
>take any photos. I was wondering if you would be kind a email me some
>photos from your suites and perhaps some "best practices" ideas?
>I'm especially interested in the controller-bench, lighting, how/where the
>customer sits and how/where the scanner is placed in regard to where the
>colorist works.
>Best regards,
>Norsk Smalfilm
>Andreas Wider?e Andersen <andreas at smalfilm.no>
>Tel:    (+47) 38 17 99 16
>Fax:    (+47) 38 02 33 84
>Mob:    (+47) 90 92 61 21
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>at the bottom, thank you!.

Norsk Smalfilm
Andreas Wider?e Andersen <andreas at smalfilm.no>

Tel:    (+47) 38 17 99 16
Fax:    (+47) 38 02 33 84
Mob:    (+47) 90 92 61 21 

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