[tig] Software scopes

Jamie Tosi jamie
Thu Nov 18 22:24:22 GMT 2004

Hi Andreas,
I think this is what you're looking for. Here's an excerpt from Broadcast
Engineering: "Software-only measurement package designed for the desktop
editing market; provides precise waveform and vectorscope displays of DV
video as well as level and phase displays of embedded audio."


There's also a free 14 day trial offered on the site too.

Take care and good luck,
Jamie Tosi
Digital Media Specialist
Santa Monica, Calif.

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From: Andreas Wider?e Andersen
Just wondering there are any software scopes like waveform and vectorscope 
out there for (preferably) Linux or Windows based PCs that will take video 
in from composite or firewire and display a fullscreen scope?

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