[tig] Software scopes

Adrian Thomas adrian
Fri Nov 19 09:44:54 GMT 2004

On 18 Nov 2004, at 22:56, lunarfilms wrote:

> the TIG is in need of your help for a major machine move, 
> contributions gladly accepted.
> --
>> The newtek Video toaster has a really nice set of waveform and vector 
>> scopes, including RGB parade they seem pretty responsive and 
>> accurate. A totater cardset is around 3K or so and you can add SDI. I 
>> am thinking of getting one as a supplemental set of scopes and a DDR 
>> on my turbo.

Further to this, DPS have a number of products worth looking at if you 
want a good Windows-based 'scope and DDR. They don't pay me, but I do 
use a couple of their products on a daily basis and have always found 
the 'scopes (composite & component analogue & digital, vector and 
parade) to be reliable.

Adrian Thomas
adrian at autotv.co.uk
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