[tig] tig:Cyan Dye Tracks

Geoff Cooper geoffc
Fri Oct 1 09:32:54 BST 2004


LED technology has come on substantially in recent years.
My cycle rear lamp (LED) is a blindingly bright deep red!
Many new cars are featuring this technology too.

A brief scan through the UK's Radiospares catalogue reveals a Toshiba 10mm
LED with 15,000 mcb and a 4degree beam, for just over a pound!
Part no: 260-9851 rswww.com
or  http://www.marktechopto.com/PDFs/Toshiba/ToshibaTLxH190SeriesLEDs.pdf
for a USA link.

Surely these could be utilised as a replacement for the halogen bulb.
Both our Cintel telecines get movies and trailers for inclusion in TV
Some are old films (silver) and some are the lastest Blockbusers - this side
of the Atlantic at least!
Yesterday we had some of "De-Lovely", a Cole Porter film.
Fortunately it wasn't Cyan, but its only a matter of time......

If Cintel are listening, there are hundreds of your telecines that are about
to loose another feature.
Perhaps LED technology has come to our rescue - in the nick of time?
Or maybe someone with some time and enterprise can make us a mod-kit?

Geoff Cooper

> Regarding fitting RED Leds or similar at the existing head.
> I don't think I am speaking out of turn when I say that I did look at this
> issue at Cintel several years ago, before Cyan Tracks were even
> expected to
> be adopted.
> At that time a pretty powerful red source was required to get any
> sensitivity out of the system. The existing lamphouse would not accomodate
> such a red light source.

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