[tig] RE: Tig digest, Vol 1 #1019 - 1 msg

Graham Collett grahamcollett
Thu Oct 7 22:01:27 BST 2004

Most telecine's are flatish to 9k in 35mm when lined up correctly and
then tail off  .. I definately don't think opticals at 14k are a problem
unless the eq are soupped up a lot.

Graham Collett
Sprockets(telecine) Ltd

Dolby used to provide (combined with tone on the other side- CAT 69)
pink noise on black and white stock which was recorded at half speed.
This provides EQ only for the replay chain due to its HF content which
is flatter to higher frequencies than normally recorded. The difference
between the two is less noticeable on white light readers which have a
wider slit and therefore only flat to about 12kHz after Eq. The Reverse
Scan red LED units can be Eq's flat to 14-16kHz, with more 5-6dB more HF
compensation being seen when aligning with CAT 69P. Hence the noise on
older material!

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