[tig] NY SMPTE Meeting 10/20/2004 "Alternative Paths In 24P Post Production"

Rich Torpey rich
Mon Oct 11 14:29:26 BST 2004

Alternative Paths In 24P Post Production

Wednesday, 20 October 2004
VCA Fusion
370 Seventh Avenue (Between 30-31 Streets)
Suite 550
(212) 967-4400
1/2/3/9/A/C/E Penn Station 34 Street
5:30 PM Refreshments and social hour
6:30 PM Technical presentation

1. Craig Gordon, Sr. Editor, Rhinoceros Post
24p workflow issues in recent digital intermediate projects (including
Fahrenheit 9/11)
2. Rich Torpey, VP Engineering, Rhinoceros Post
Network and Systems infrastructure in a mixed 24p data/video environment
3. Matt Allard, Senior Product Manager, Avid Technology
DNxHD high quality compressed HD on Adrenaline and DS-Nitris

The first great leap into digital intermediate film required massive
investments in hardware, software, skilled personnel and patience. We can
now do much of the work in real time that used to require days (months) of
rendering. A look at alternatives to the "Big Iron" approach of massive
render farms, slow data tape drives and how to use real time HD video tools
for feature films. Does film work require 2K, 4K, or more? How does 24p HD
video compare? The presenters will discuss the systems & workflow they have
used on recent feature films. 

Rich Torpey
VP Engineering
Rhinoceros/MultiVideo Group
50 East 42 Street
New York, NY 10017
(212) 986-1577 Main
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