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The most common error I've seen is to place the monitor so that the colorist cannot look at it without straining their neck.  Also, different operators sometimes want subtly different locations for the controller panels, so I stopped actually mounting them in cutouts, but rather placed them on top of the console surface.

I have seen some rooms that have so many computers, keyboards, mice, and monitors in them that they look quite cluttered.  So, unless they have to be used all at once, I prefer using KVM switches and fewer keyboards, mice, and monitors when possible.

I have always preferred either placing the scanner where it can be seen but not heard by the colorist, or putting in machine room with a camera on it.  I have found it best if it can be located to the left or right of the colorist in a seperate "clean" room with a window. It is also helpful if the scanner room can be designed so that engineering can come in a separate entrance and access the scanner without having to disturb the clients. I  prefer rooms where background noise can be at a minimum, so I try to mount all computers and other devices with fans in the machine room.

The best rooms I've seen are neatly wired with cables dropping through walls and attached under consoles so they are not visible. 

I've used cold cathode back lighting, and also fluorescent D6500 with a dimmable ballast, and had better luck at lower cost, and easier replacement part availability, with the fluorescent approach.  If I were doing a room now, I would also look into some of the fiber optic lighting I have seen used recently. 

The best rooms I have seen are client friendly and have client working space where clients can also see the monitor, and not the colorists back.  Also, more and more clients seem to want web, printer, and email access.

Best of luck..

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thanks to Sol Designfx, division of Cutters Inc., 
for supporting the TIG.
I'm going to build a suite here and I need some inspiration and practical 
tips. Last year I was in London visiting a few Telecine houses, but didn't 
take any photos. I was wondering if you would be kind a email me some 
photos from your suites and perhaps some "best practices" ideas?

I'm especially interested in the controller-bench, lighting, how/where the 
customer sits and how/where the scanner is placed in regard to where the 
colorist works.

Best regards,

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