[tig] TIG: Recent BRRE at Amsterdam !

Peter Swinson peter_swinson
Mon Oct 18 11:42:18 BST 2004

It has been an interesting few months. The BRRE experiments (Bubble Rise
Rate Experiments, for the uninitiated) have until now taken second place to
IBC, a Charles Poynton lecture in London and the influence of the British
equivalent of SMPTE, namely BKSTS.

Now IBC Amsterdam is known for BRRE being substituted for SCANFILM, Smoking
Certain Aromatic Narcotics For Increasing Life's Meaning. For those that
attend IBC, need I say more!   Ah, Amsterdam, the place of tulips, clogs,
bicycles and a certain haze, not even to mention the more special streets!

To compare BRRE with SCANFILM is not difficult, one floats to the surface
the other just causes a general feeling of floating.   Indeed if attempts
are made to combine BRRE with SCANFILM the results can be truly amazing.
Observations of bubbles become scary, those innocent objects rising through
the beer can take on an entirely new look especially when observed from
above. As they rise and expand they can appear to be attacking the
observer. So it becomes critical that they are absorbed instantly by
quaffing the liquid at great rate. There follows what is commonly known as
the positive feedback effect. Voluminous quaffing after BRR observation
plus SCANFILM activity results in the great DI effect. Detrimental
Intoxication (DI) is known to offer great advantages to our industry; once
well established, anyone who is involved in DI becomes oblivious to any
criticism from whatever direction. The DI'd amongst us claim that no other
solutions to the future of Post Production exist.  Indeed to suggest to
DI'ers  use HD, (Healthy Detoxification), methods brings on a great cry of 
LO-RES (Leave Opticals - Rely Exclusively on Scanning).  
Having recently partaken of some HD treatment I am now well on the way to
recovery, enabling me to continue the mundane BRRE work so badly needed in
these days of  the Bill Topazio and Mike Orton vacuum on the TIG. 
Where are they ?

Best regards to all

Peter Swimson

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