[tig] tig down

Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Oct 25 09:15:01 BST 2004

The TIG will be down for a while as funds are solicited for new
equipment and the machine location changes, which has to be
contracted out.  Much-needed contributions can still
be made via the paypal interface at http://tig.colorist.org or contact
me for details for donation by check.  The paypal interface works best

and thank you to those who recently contributed, though it amounted to
a small perecentage of what was needed.  We have 1200 subscribers and
if each one gave $20, and we cut that by 30% from nonreponse, we'd
have enough to keep going.

How long will it be down?  depends on response to this message :]

best regards

Rob Lingelbach  
tig founder, coadmin
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