[tig] be the first on your block

Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Sep 1 23:58:29 BST 2004

as funds for the tig have dried up completely, and some new hardware and 
outsourced sysadm work is needed, I will offer mailboxes (POP3 or IMAP) 
on colorist.org for the very modest fee of $25 per year.  Most conceivable 
interesting addresses are available, e.g. colo(u)rist at colorist.org, 
telecine at colorist.org, your.name at colorist.org, etc etc.  I had set this up
once a year or so ago but since then have fixed some vulnerabilities and it 
should work well now.  You could use your local mail uuser agent (e.g. Eudora)
and connect directly to the smtp server colorist.org for incoming and outgoing 
mail, electing to save or not save messages on the server as is your 
wont; or, if you prefer, you can have an address like "color at colorist.org" 
and I would set that up simply to forward to your existing mailbox on 
a server different from colorist.org .

best regards
Rob Lingelbach  
tig founder, coadmin
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