[tig] Particle Transfer Rollers

Graham Collett grahamcollett
Thu Sep 2 12:02:24 BST 2004

Let me just get in quick before the advert comes in from Kodak .....:-) 

Hi Andreas,
                I am the agent for San Lab europe. There are only
standard sizes, 1.5inch (telecine mainly) and 3 inch(processors and
cleaning machines). The San Lab ptr's are much better than the others
!!!  ;-)  Contact me off list for further info before I get myself
booted out.

Graham Collett
Sprockets(telecine) Ltd

thanks to Jeff Heusser for supporting the TIG.
Just got me a set of PTR mounts for my telecine machine and need to buy 
some PTRs. Three quick questions:

1. Are all PTRs the same size/type (standard) so I know they will fit?
2. Are there difference in quality amongst the different PTRs from 
different manufacturers?
3. Where do you get them (Europe)?


Norsk Smalfilm
Andreas Wider?e Andersen <andreas at smalfilm.no> http://www.smalfilm.no

Tel:    (+47) 38 17 99 16
Fax:    (+47) 38 02 33 84
Mob:    (+47) 90 92 61 21 

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