[tig] printer points exposure and ire:

Greg D. gd.tk
Sat Sep 4 05:49:01 BST 2004

Unless the DP is transferring film with still more to shoot, AND they truly
understand printer points from the ol' lab days, then it really doesn't
matter how many ire's equal how many printer points -- especially to the
detail that Dominic explained it.  If one is working on film in transfer
after all the film has been shot, then one might as well just get it looking
the way one wants without worrying about the correlation between ire and
printer points.  Unfortunately, a lot of the DPs I worked with never changed
how they shot even after seeing what happened in transfer.  The whole
printer points to ire only matters if the DPs truly want to learn from
what/how they shot.  And, it really only matters if they knew what printer
points meant to them in the first place! There is a ton of latitude in
today's film stocks especially with today's telecines and color enhancement
systems including noise/grain reduction.  I truly hope that DPs work WITH
their favorite colorist to make the best/desired images and TOGETHER learn
how to get the most out of the film shot.  There are lots of film stocks out
there today; please shoot tests and evaluate the film and your exposures
WITH your favorite colorist.  Then, colorist and DP can together come up
with the best system to yield one's desired results regardless of a
correlation to a somewhat out-dated reference (like printer points).

Greg Dildine
Boston, MA

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