[tig] be the first on your block

Geoff Boyle geoff
Sat Sep 4 07:19:16 BST 2004

 > for some reason I'm not as successful at it as Geoff and the CML,
 > which is a group modelled somewhat after this on.

Not somewhat, CML wouldn't exist if it wasn't for TIG.

I may be more successful chasing money because as a long time freelance 
working on day commissions I have to be good at getting money out of 
people, it's how I survive!

There's also the exposure that sponsors get on every message and on 
every one of the 780+ compiled web pages.

I do also get individual contributions, I shamelessly copied the thank 
you tagline from Rob :-)

I also get income from the small ads that appear courtesy of Google on 
every web page.

I know that CML is more inherently commercially sponsored but I don't 
let it interfere with what people say and we do lose sponsors sometimes :-)

It takes a lot of time chasing it all up.

So C'mon! send Rob some money!



Geoff Boyle FBKS
Director of Photography
EU Based

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