[tig] printer points exposure and ire:

Dominic Case cased
Mon Sep 6 03:20:18 BST 2004

> a somewhat out-dated reference (like printer points)

Hey, I'm not ready to retire yet!

Greg's post only seems to make sense where the production will finish on
tape and prints will not ever be required. 

However, that's not the case for a whole lot of productions. Feature films
for example. The neg is always transferred for editing purposes, and the
colorist will always do her or his best to give a good-looking result. This
can lead to a false sense of security. Often if there are exposure
variations, they can be easily balanced out on the telecine colour
correction system: but when the negative has been cut, and it's up to the
lab grader to match every shot, it can't be done so readily for a film

>especially to the detail that Dominic explained it.

Was this too much detail?:

>Executive summary for cinematographers: 1 stop is 7 printer points.

Yes there is a heap of latitude in modern colour negative stocks:
experienced cinematographers who work to a film finish know what a printer
point means because they can translate it readily (within the tolerance that
the film's latitude allows) to an exposure correction: and they DO do tht if
they get the correct feedback. Unfortunately, now that films aren't cut on
film, it's rare for a DoP to get the feedback, because telecine colorists
can't give it as accurately. 

I think this is what prompted Rob's question in the first place.

Dominic Case
Atlab Australia

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