R [tig] printer points exposure and ire:

Vincent G Hogan vinny
Mon Sep 6 15:52:26 BST 2004

I installed the Kodak TCS box(Telecine Control System) in our facility both
standard def and 4:4:4 dual link HD and I am quite impressed. No grey card
needed, LUT from Kodak for each of their stocks, so when a Colorist
proclaims "This is what you shot" you do not have to cringe or bite his or
her head off;-)You can even bracket 1/3 stop increments + or - 2 stops.
Setup at the head end of the telecine prior to color corrector like Cintels
TKG system was. I could then apply printer lights from this known mid light
for a DOP, even plug in their house light from the lab that they would
ultimately print at. The box is a bit expensive though when video dailies
pricing is in the toilet:-(

Vinny Hogan
Cineworks Digital-Miami

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