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Mon Sep 6 19:31:54 BST 2004

Hi Scott, 

Regarding the ?Grace? grain reducer. I believe ?Grace? now refers to the noise reduction (14bit RGB) at the head end of a DSX DataCine. 

The NR to which (I think) you are referring is a new product from Cintel called ?Image Mill? based on the Grace technology. You are correct that it is not a recursive grain reducer, it works spatially. 

I recently took a trip to Ware, England the home of Cintel to Color Correct a 65mm IMAX project on the MM2 Data-telecine. The film stock was Kodak Vision 500 ASA. And the mission was to take extractions from the 65mm (15 perf) frame and basically have the one IMAX camera do the work of 4 35mm Cameras. So the frame contained 4 shots, the box where Lincoln was shot, the stage below, the audience and the Balcony. I think everything would have been OK?. if just one of these quadrants was the biggest blow-up I had to do. But as with all clients, more was wanted. So by the time the end of the Zoom knob was reached the grain from the hi-speed stock had become an issue. 

So the Cintel R&D boys where nice enough to trot out an Image Mill and hook it up for us. We found a setting that attacked our general grain size and then further enhanced it by picking out just the offensive blue grains near the toe of the film. There where no artifacts that I could detect and I think the resulting picture was quite pleasing and a substantial improvement. Sure there was some softening of the picture, but on the other hand the grain size we were going after was large. (Please no letter bombs from my friends at Kodak, the grain size was due to the size of the blow-up, not the Kodak film!) 

Hope to see you all at IBC. 


As a Freelance Colorist, I have in the past and will in the future (I hope) accept compensation from Cintel to promote (Demo) their products. However the thoughts expressed here are mine alone. 


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