[tig] Arri FIS system

James DeLuca james_deluca
Wed Sep 8 02:56:18 BST 2004

-Rob- asks:
Anybody have any experience with the arri fis system, I have one and I am looking to move my Aaton keylink onto my turbo and I was thinking I would like to be able to read keycode for window burn on my low end machine using the arri (because I have it) any cheap way to use the 422/232 output from this box and key it over composite video?


Not familiar with the Arri FIS but if the timecode on the RS422 line matches your composite video, then these people have what you need. About $600.

RLT-50 $289 RS-422 to LTC Time Code Translator
"use with other HORITA LTC products to make window dubs"
WG-50  $289 Window Dub Inserter
"Makes burned-in SMPTE time code window dub copies"

I answered your question as asked, but there are other possibilities to save $$.

If you have LTC available on the Arri system, then you may dispense with the first box.

Also, you may be able to use an idle "editor" vtr to good advantage here. (e.g. Sony BVU-950, BVW70 or 75, DVW-500 or A500, DSR-2000 DVCAM etc.)
Assuming the RS422 is Sony 9-pin compatible, just E-E the video through the vtr and record from the SUPER output (composite and/or sometimes digital e.g. DigiBeta).
Connect the RS422 between the ARRI & the VTR. Press PLAYER on the VTR to cause it to reead the RS422 timecode. Voila!

James DeLuca, Sr Video Engr. 
Crest National Digital Media Complex - Hollywood

P.S. Standard disclaimer - nof financial involvement with Horita & Sony, but we've been using them for years. 

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