[tig] News from IBC

Dick Hobbs dick
Wed Sep 15 17:10:07 BST 2004

One of the most interesting new products I spotted at IBC was a realtime
film recorder, from a Scandinavian company called Cinevation

Yes, realtime. It uses two 2k DLP black chips, with red, green and blue LED
arrays to get a lot of light onto the film. An optional extra can also write
optical soundtracks and DTS and Dolby codes onto the film, so you can create
a release print for a 90 minute movie in 90 minutes. Looked to have a DVS
server in the bottom to hold the data.

They were giving away strips of demonstration 35mm: did anyone pick one up
and see what they looked like? I don't have anything more sophisticated than
a lens on a lightbox, but I would love to know what the quality is like.



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