[tig] Cyan Dye Tracks

maria palazzola maria
Fri Sep 17 03:42:09 BST 2004

Hello all,

Over the next few months, major studios will begin releasing films 
with cyan dye optical sound-tracks.

To play the new analog sound-tracks your projector must be equipped 
with a visible red light analog optical reader.

Film labs all around the world will be striking composite prints with 
cyan dye tracks that will be UNPLAYABLE on our white light equipped 
telecine optical readers.

Please help.  I have several 35mm lo con composite prints with these 
cyan tracks; the original sound is in Japan and I am told exists as 
optical neg only.  I need to use these opticals "as is" in telecine.

Looking for a cost effective way to do this.  Remember, I must use 
the picture off these prints, so a modified dubber is not the way to 

I don't think I am the only poor sap who uses composite lo cons in telecine.

Thanks for any and all input on this new twist in our community.

M. Palazzola

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