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Does anyone know how the sound-recording part of this product deals with recording on colour stock? Typically sound is recorded on Agfa ST9 monochrome stock and a track is shot at various densities, sent to the lab and developed. Cross-modulation is then measured and exposure set in the camera for minimum distortion.

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On 9/15/04 6:10 PM, "Dick Hobbs" <dick at hobbsonline.tv> wrote:

> thanks to Bob Lovejoy for supporting the TIG.
> --
> One of the most interesting new products I spotted at IBC was a realtime
> film recorder, from a Scandinavian company called Cinevation
> (www.cinevation.net)

Pretty cool wasn't it.
> Yes, realtime. It uses two 2k DLP black chips, with red, green and blue LED
> arrays to get a lot of light onto the film. An optional extra can also write
> optical soundtracks and DTS and Dolby codes onto the film, so you can create
> a release print for a 90 minute movie in 90 minutes. Looked to have a DVS
> server in the bottom to hold the data.

The DVS playback engine is one possibility otherwise it has full 422
capability so you you play directly from say SR in 444 to film.
> They were giving away strips of demonstration 35mm: did anyone pick one up
> and see what they looked like? I don't have anything more sophisticated than
> a lens on a lightbox, but I would love to know what the quality is like.

The pos output was a little soft compared to the output from a Arri on 42
then printed on 83... but not by much.  The people I've talked with have
said that they are in the final stages of adjusting the focus/sharpness and
that they will be visibly sharper than ALL current film recorders shortly.

Arri and Celco are going to have to push 4k pretty hard.

Disclaimer: Nordiskfilm is a part owner and developer of Cinevation
products.  Frithiof is a Nordiskfilm company so my views are a little

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