[tig] Cyan Dye Tracks

Nichols Craig Craig.Nichols
Tue Sep 21 06:53:35 BST 2004

I checked with the factory in Germany, and at the present time, Thomson has no plans to provide a Cyan capable reader for the Spirit 1 Telecine.  

There are some companies already making reverse scan red LED readers for film projectors, and perhaps one of these might be able to be adapted to the Spirit 1. However, Thomson will not take any responsibility for any add on cyan, or other, optical track reading device added to the Spirit 1.

At your own risk, you might try these links for possible solutions  http://www.dyetracks.org/  http://www.bacpinc.com/readersanalog.htm  http://www.audio-cine.ch/en/acleaser-en.htm  http://www.componentengineering.com/ http://www.fproj.com/cyan.htm http://www.fproj.com/cyan.htm http://www.uslinc.com/products/led.htm http://www.proyecson.com/e_reverse.htm#

I work for Thomson Broadcast, and I do not get any compensation from any of the above manufacturers whose links are cited above.  Thomson has no relationship with any of these manufacturers, and assumes no risk or liability for anyone using any of these products on Thomson machines.

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