[tig] Rewinders (16mm & 35mm)

Andreas Wider√łe Andersen andreas
Wed Sep 22 13:39:12 BST 2004

Hi all,
Does any of you have some old table rewinders for 16mm and 35mm and 
splicing equipment (prefer cement, but tape is also welcome) that you want 
to get rid of or sell?

I'm working on some old 16mm and 35mm films which have to be spliced a 
manually cleaned before telecine and my rewinder is missing a part.. . I've 
been searching through ebay, but not found anything of interest there yet.

I'm located in Norway.

Hope someone can help since I'm getting pretty desperate here...

All the best,

Norsk Smalfilm
Andreas Wider?e Andersen <andreas at smalfilm.no>

Tel:    (+47) 38 17 99 16
Fax:    (+47) 38 02 33 84
Mob:    (+47) 90 92 61 21 

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