[tig] DI viewing distances

hugh Waters hugh
Thu Sep 23 22:45:26 BST 2004

After IBC this year I came away with the feeling that DI grading suites
might well be set to displace more traditional telecine grading suites over
the years to come, even for non-cinema destined work.

Thinking about DI suites and grading upon a projected image vs working on
monitors lead me to wonder what properties the ideal room should have for
the task.

What, for example, is the optimum viewing distance from the screen and are
there any rules of thumb (or actual specs) to suggest any particular
physical size of screen to use? Not everyone is likely to be able to build a
full scale cinema, but is that necessary anyway, or even desireable? After
all I imagine a client attend session in a room as large as the Empire
Leicester Square would seem uncomfortable and not conducive to building a
rapport between colourist and client.

What do the DI TIGers think?

Hugh James Waters
Waters Technical Services
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hugh at hjwaters.co.uk

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