[tig] DI viewing distances

Chuck Harrison cfharr
Sun Sep 26 21:55:35 BST 2004

hugh Waters wrote:
> What, for example, is the optimum viewing distance from the screen and are
> there any rules of thumb (or actual specs) to suggest any particular
> physical size of screen to use?

Without answering the question or citing hard data, I can report
on "conventional wisdom" regarding a way the "cinema experience"
differs from the "big screen TV" experience.

Our perception of a moving image depends not only on the angular
size of the visual field, but also the absolute distance. A 4-foot
screen viewed from 10 feet is not the same as an 8-foot screen from
20 feet. Above a certain distance (roughly 20 feet), our stereoscopic
vision becomes pretty weak. Binocular disparity then tells us only
that things are "far", not that they are all on a flat surface
at the same distancen away. Thus, other 3-D cues (obscuration,
relative motion, haze, etc.) dominate and are not being contradicted
by stereopsis. The cinema "big screen" therefore gives a better
impression of dimensionality than a smaller, closer screen with the
same viewing angle, resolution, color, etc.

I'm just reporting the effect. I'm not saying that a DI suite
should have a screen 20+ feet from the operator in order to do
"accurate" grading!


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