[tig] Cyan Dye Tracks

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Wed Sep 29 19:49:27 BST 2004

Dominic C. wrote:

>As others have suggested there is a range of solutions which could >either
befitted as replacements to your existing telecine soundhead or >built into
a separate dubber to grab the sound in a separate pass.

I?m just going to throw in my 2 cents here. I agree that retro fitting the
existing sound heads in both the Cintel and Thompson telecines would
problematic. There are however 2 companies that already have optical
readers hanging off our telecines. Aaton and Evertz. It might be easier to
change out these heads so that they can read both the cyan sound tracks and
the Keykode. I realize that the demand for such readers may not high enough
to make it economically feasible. However if we throw into the equation the
Spirit owners who purchased there machines without audio (because of the
cost) and then lost archival contracts because of it, maybe they now wish
for sound. Perhaps

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