[Tig] off-topic: Consumer Lip-sync correction product

David L. Tosh dlt
Fri Jul 1 18:43:48 BST 2005

At 5:00 PM -0400 6/28/05, Nick Johnson wrote:
>I'm definitely going to see if I can "blindly" return to the same delay...

I'll be very interested in hearing the report. You outline a good set 
of conditions for testing this perception, given some sort of audio 
delay hardware, others would also be able to collect information. I 
recognize the power of the human brain and its experience in judging 
the validity of our senses. Humans probably are better at determining 
if there is a consistent sound and vision relationship to natural 
events such as talking heads rather than pops and beeps and flashes. 
Back in the simpler days, one test set of images, I believe, included 
a sequence of a wind up toy monkey beating a drum.

I'd really like to be able to algorithmically determine sound and 
picture sync in arbitrary program material and display the 
distribution of measured offsets over time. I could sell a few of 
these devices!

BTW, it may be hard to obtain program material with the audio 
advanced in sync to that a delay setting greater than zero is 
correct. Perhaps someone will have to burn a DVD with this 
relationship for this type of testing.

Working on a science project to create a negative delay circuit...

David Tosh
<dlt at earthlink.net>

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