[Tig] Useful resources & thanks

Michael Orton mike
Mon Jul 4 21:42:49 BST 2005

Hi everyone,

After recently sorting out a telecine and TLC (Time Logic Control - 
[telecine edit system]) problem in South-East Asia, I wanted to give 
some public thanks for help received, and mention two excellent 
resources that TIG'rs may find useful in the future.

Firstly, I wanted to thank Rick Heaslip at Telecine Engineering in 
Simi Valley, California for completely invaluable help on the TLC. 
Rick has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the entire TLC line of 
products, and knows a great deal about the earlier (pre-DaVinci 
integrated) systems. I would recommend anyone who has a TLC issue, 
wants to check revision status, or just needs help, to consult with 
Rick. The same is true of the entire Cintel range of telecines, and 
timecode/keykode issues. I'd unhesitatingly recommend Rick as a 
consultant for any of these items.

Secondly, again, thanks to Dave Marshall of Filmlight (and other) 
fame. Dave is equally well-known down here in the Southern Hemisphere 
as a font of knowledge, particularly on ITK/Twigi/Scand'l topics. 
Thank you for your help as well, Dave.

Hopefully, we'll hear from other TIG'rs about good experiences with 
manufacturers' engineers, independent consultants and other 
resources, and perhaps the TIG could set up an area for resource 
listing & comments (Wiki????). Rob, do you have any thoughts?

Finally Happy 4th to friends in the US, and best to everyone else too.

Go the All-Blacks!


Mike Orton

"No race, country or individual has a monopoly of good or evil"

- Winston Spencer Churchill

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