[Tig] charity plea

Mark Knights mark.knights
Wed Jul 6 12:08:53 BST 2005

I am currently setting up a film transfer area for a museum film archive

Unfortunately I have almost zero budget for doing this.

I am at present reliant on projection/video set ups, but would ideally like
a proper transfer area.

Therefore I am appealing to everyone's generous nature for any donations of
Telecines, sound followers, controllers, mixers, monitors, scopes, TBC's,
Racking, winding benches etc etc.

As we are a charity I think there are nice tax concessions for generous
donors (possibly UK only).

Feel free to contact me off list



Mark Knights
Consultant Film Technician
T: 0117 925 4980 Ext: 217
F: 0117 925 4983


The British Empire & Commonwealth Museum
Registered Charity Number 1097205

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